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Cech hits out at abusive fans after move to Arsenal

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Petr Cech's transfer to Arsenal was a strange saga. We went from disbelief that a club legend would pursue that move to glimpses of hope after PSG's bid to the sobering realization that it was ultimately happening anyway. We were left with a sour taste in our mouth as Wenger probably got his first win over Mourinho in 10 years, but the dust is settling down, and slowly but surely, we're getting accustomed accustomed to the idea that Cech now plays for a major rival.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of bad apples everywhere. Cech received on the Internet a barrage of abusive messages from people claiming to be Chelsea fans, but Petr didn't let it pass. According to Big Pete in a recent interview, "true fans will appreciate what I've done and the legacy I've left. There are some people who have left me negative messages, but they aren't true Chelsea fans."

There are trolls in almost every community, and that includes Chelsea fans. Getting used to seeing Petr Cech on the red side of London will be quite difficult, but this is one of these moments that will make us grow as fans and maybe even as a person -- sometimes things don't turn out exactly the way you want them to. We'll move on once we bag a goal or two at the Emirates with Cech between the posts and Wenger throwing a fit at the sideline.

Good luck to Cech, a true Chelsea legend.

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