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Cuadrado 'happy' at Chelsea, yet rumors continue to swirl about a return to Serie A

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The trouble with Silly Season, is that it's full of silliness.  And even when it's not, i.e. we have real (well, usually real) quotes from the real protagonists of the various storylines, that often hardly matters.  Agents, clubs, players, managers can say whatever they want, Silly Season will ignore them, repeat them out of context, and generally twist them any way it sees fit.  There will be drama!

With that in mind, here's Juan Cuadrado's agent regarding his client's current situation at Chelsea.

"Juan is fine at Chelsea for now, we'll see about later. He's happy, and the club is happy with him, so for now we're comfortable."

-Alessandro Lucci; source: Football Italia

Now, if Cuadrado and his entourage were pushing for a move away from Stamford Bridge, those quotes aren't exactly helpful.  So, we can probably assume that the ex-Fiorentina man is happy, or isn't forcing his way out, or both.  Obviously, it could be Chelsea trying to move the mislabeled goods (it said "good player," I swear), but if we're trusting the agent to speak the truth with one half of the words, let's give him the benefit of the doubt for the other half as well.

And yet, despite the happiness all around Cuadrado, rumors continue to swirl about a possible return to the Serie A.  Yesterday, it was Inter Milan with their loan and a "forced" option to buy later — what is it with Italian clubs and their structured loan-buy deals? — today, Juventus are back in the picture as well as Max Allegri continues to play out some weird version of Championship Manager Italia in the public media. I really like that Cantona and with him in tow, we'd definitely bring down those galacticos at AC Milan!

Meanwhile, Cuadrado is off on vacation somewhere in Colombia and probably cares not a single bit about any of this.

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