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Mourinho changes tactics, confusing Arsene Wenger by whispering sweet nothings

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The season is over, many of the players are away with their national teams for one final time before going on holiday, and Jose Mourinho is sitting in England with nothing left to do. Nothing, that is, except talk to the media, and begin forming the #Narrative for the 2015/16 season.

On Tuesday, Mourinho was at the BT Sport launch, and had some interesting things to say about a variety of subjects. First, we'll Check in on Petr Cech:

Mourinho sounds like he's dead set against forcing Petr Cech to settle for fourth place every season, instead wishing to reward him by sending him to a club where he'd be able to regularly fight for titles, as a reward for all those years of faithful service. Apparently, though, Chelsea's owner is grumpy with the legend, and is willing to ship him to North London as punishment for allowing his starting position at Chelsea to be claimed by a youngster.

How about that manager he'd be working with at Arsenal?

I didn't think I'd live to see the day when Mourinho said something genuinely nice about the velcro'd one, but I guess it has really happened. The Chelsea boss also talked about tactics, again defending his style that some have labeled 'boring'.

I guess this criticism must be bothering Mourinho a little, as he's been commenting on it quite a bit since Chelsea won the Premier League title. He's never going to win over the bitter fans who complain about his side being 'unworthy champions' though, so at this point, his continued commenting on the subject is little more than continuing to kick a dead horse. It's still funny, however.

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