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It's getting close to decision time for Chelsea living legend Petr Cech.  After a year as backup, the 33-year-old goalkeeper's primary objective for next season is to play.  Whether that's in England or France or Germany or Spain, he just wants to play.  Of course, he's got family to keep in mind, too, and uprooting them may not be the best option either.  But England is not the only option as far as his next destination goes.

"I [look at] all the options, regardless of the country. I will decide based on that for me and my family was the best. And it does not matter whether it is England, Germany, France and Spain."

"If I move, it brings difficulties. It must change everything, looking for housing, a school for children and so on. Therefore, the sooner you'll know what to do [the] better..."

These quotes are from a Czech Republic national team press conference, via Google Translate and a bit of massaging.

So how soon are we talking?

"First I have to agree with the club, what will be the conditions for [leaving].  Next week we will have a meeting with Chelsea. [...] When [the situation is] clearer and [...] all the cards [are] on the table [...] we will decide."

This timeline matches last week's update when Cech said he would wait until after the international round to decide.  The Czech Republic play Iceland on Friday in Euro 2016 qualifying.

Petr Cech, the consummate model professional that he is, claims that he would grin and bear it if Chelsea did put their foot down and made him see out the last year of his contract.  But he's also confident that a happy resolution can be reached.

"Only if every member of the board says 'no', [then] I'm staying because I have a contract.  [But] I want to help the team on the pitch [...] I want to [play]."

"I believe that for what I have done for the club and what the club has done for me, we can arrange so we were all happy."

I think we can all get behind that notion.  Though I'd much rather prefer it if he didn't end up at one of our direct title rivals like Arsenal or Manchester United.  Still, there is perhaps a tiny bit of hope left that he stays.  He knows that's what the fans would want.

"So far, not going anywhere, so I [have not said goodbye to] anyone."

"[Already] at home matches [I could hear the] cries to stay. Even now in Thailand. I'm obviously pleased that I [have left] a mark."

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