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The Daily Hilario: Welcome back, Muse

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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After the first two singles, I was approaching Muse's latest with a bit of mild trepidation.  I've always adored the band's evolution, but with Bellamy had promising a return to more of the early-style, the underwhelming reuse of a 16-year-old riff was, well, underwhelming and a bit disappointing.  And Psycho really wasn't old school, more middle school.  Perhaps spurred on by similar reactions, the band have basically released most of the album already, ahead of Tuesday's official release.  It's a bit of an odd move, but perhaps also a necessity in today's Internet-centric society.

Also, it's working.  I've had The Handler on constant loop for most of the last 48 hours.  That might be overstatement (had to play some of the others, too).  But not by much.

  1. Dead Inside — decent enough, more new-school MUSE than old-school
  2. [Drill Sergeant] — worst part of anything they've released so far
  3. Psycho — the riff is great, it's grown on me a bit but it didn't make the greatest first impression
  4. Mercy — not clicking for me
  5. Reapers — this is seriously growing on me; love the guitars
  6. The Handler — BOW DOWN
  7. [JFK] — could do without either of these two intros
  8. Defector — good; a bit of late Queen up your ears
  9. Revolt
  10. Aftermath
  11. The Globalist
  12. Drones


FOOTBALL (all times BST):
08.00:  U20 World Cup:  Myanmar vs. New Zealand
08.00:  U20 World Cup:  Ukraine vs. USA
16.00:  Toulon Tournament:  Morocco vs. Mexico
18.00:  Toulon Tournament:  China vs. England
19.30:  Int'l Friendly:  Netherland vs. USA
19.45:  Int'l Friendly:  Scotland vs. Qatar
23.00:  Int'l Friendly:  Chile vs. El Salvador

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