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The Daily Hilario: 13 down, 3 to go

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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It did not look good for the Blackhawks in this one for most of it.  Tampa game out firing, buzzing, circling, hitting, shooting, dominating.  But Chicago weathered the storm to the tune of just one conceded (Crawford was excellent throughout) and slowly grew into the game.  But the hockey gods didn't seem to be smiling.  Kane, Hossa missed successive wide open shots in the second.  VerSTEEG got called for a ridiculous VerPENALTY for getting VerTRIPPED into the Tampa goalie.  Etc.

And then, there were just under seven minutes left.  The Lightning had been a bit like Chelsea could be, sitting on the lead, looking mostly comfortable.  But as we know, a one-goal is never quite safe.  Especially in hockey.

Two heroes who had sat for a few games earlier in these playoffs (because Coach Q sometimes works in mysterious ways) stepped up huge.  First, the kid then the trade deadline acquisition.  BOOYAH.  Game 1 stolen.  Advantage: good guys.  13 down, 3 to go.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
08.00:  U20 World Cup:  Germany vs. Uzbekistan
08.00:  U20 World Cup:  Hungary vs. Brazil
16.00:  Toulon Tournament:  Costa Rica vs. Qatar
18.00:  Toulon Tournament:  France vs. Netherlands

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