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Colombian TV show next to claim Falcao to Chelsea is done

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With Didier Drogba's second tenure ending in a Premier League and a League Cup title and Loïc Rémy seeking playing time as a starting striker either at Stamford Bridge or (possibly) somewhere else, Chelsea was bound to make a move on the market for a back-up striker. And if reports from Colombian TV show Gol Caracol are to be believed, Falcao has just signed a contract to join Chelsea on a loan deal.  They're hardly the first to report this (Portuguese TV did so, even before the Copa América), but maybe this time it'll prove to be true.

The TV show also claimed that Falcao will join the club in July 19th or 20th in their Montreal training camp ahead of Chelsea's North American friendly tour.

Later on, the London Evening Standard said that Falcao's wages would be around £130,000 per week - a tad lower than the previous figure of £250,000 which he earned while playing for Manchester United last season. Seems that playing hard ball with Monaco and Falcao has worked out for us. Other possible terms in his contract weren't bandied out, such as whether or not it contains a future fee clause in case Chelsea wants the player in definitive.

Given that it is probably a one-year loan deal, it doesn't seem that bad of a deal with Chelsea. Were there better options on the market? Maybe, but Mourinho seems keen on making the most out of Falcao, who was believed to be misused by LvG's tactical system and had an ultra-professional attitude towards his bad form, which is something that always ticks Mourinho's box when he's looking for a player to join his squads. But if his Copa América showings are to be taken as a preview, we will certainly have just a great guy around the locker room and not much else.

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