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Falcao's father gives update on Chelsea move

Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's all gone a bit quiet on the Falcao front.  The striker and Colombia slinked out of the Copa América in the quarterfinals after some of the worst performances on display in Chile — eclipsed only by the standard of refereeing — and since then, there's been no news.  A transfer that was expect to be completed before the start of the tournament doesn't look any closer to being done at the end (the end at least as far as Colombia were concerned).  Falcao's retreated back into his world of media silence, so we have to turn to his father for an update.

"Still do not know anything [regarding the future of El Tigre]. There are rumors but I cannot say nothing because I do not know if [it's] all settled."

-Radamel Garcia; source: AS Colombia

If Radamel Garcia is telling anything close to the actual truth, and not just giving a standard, evasive answer to placate the media, we're looking at several steps back in Falcao's impending move to Chelsea.  Surely, after all that smoke, we aren't going to find out that there's no actual fire, are we?

Could we?

So you're saying there is a chance?

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