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This might feel like the end of an era ... were it not for Petr Cech leaving, which definitely is an end of an era.  So thanks for ruining that joke, Petr.  But Josh McEachran has been around seemingly forever (he did join Chelsea at age 7 in 1999) and he has been promising to become world class since the day Carlo Ancelotti gave him his Champions League debut at age 17 in 2010, so Chelsea's apparent decision to sell and move on does indeed feel like a pretty significant closing chapter.  At least symbolically, if not quite in a football sense.

McEachran had seemed to finally find his feet at Vitesse towards the end of last season, and it definitely looked like Peter Bosz was giving him starts and playing time with the express intent to be able to count on him next season as well.  Alas, it sounds like Chelsea have different plans, and rather drastically so.

As to who might be interested in picking up the 22-year-old,, there's no word.  Not even a rumor, at least none that I can find.  One would image he might have a shot with most Championship sides, having done alright at that level before.

We once wondered where Joshie could be.  At the time, he turned out to be in the basket.  Now, it sounds like he'll be gone for good.

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