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Juan Cuadrado exit whispers grow louder

Further rumors of a potential quick exit for the £26m-man.

That way to Italy.
That way to Italy.
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The Italian hills are alive with the sound of Juan Cuadrado.  Especially the seven hills of Rome, which apparently are whispering ever louder that Cuadrado could be the perfect replacement for the possibly outgoing Gervinho.  As to why Gervinho would be leaving is beyond me, but then I also don't think Cuadrado's on the Chelsea chopping block, so there's opportunity here for me to be wrong twice over!  That's value for your money right there.

Inter is interested [in Cuadrado] but so is Roma who could become even more interested should Gervinho leave. Cuadrado's agent Alessandro Lucci will meet with Chelsea in the next few days to discuss the situation.


These rumors follow the reported interest from several Serie A teams a couple days ago.

Having wrapped the post-season tour, the bow on an ultimately quite successful 2014-15 season, Chelsea are heading back to England as we speak.  Jose Mourinho did mention previously that he wants to get all his ducks in a row before taking his own vacation; could a meeting of the minds with Cuadrado's agent to work out some sort of an arrangement be just one of those ducks?  Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

The Internazionale perspective: Inter offer an escape for Juan Cuadrado?

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