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Chelsea set to collect nearly £100 million in Premier League television revenue

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

If Chelsea want to be major players in the summer transfer market, they received a big boost on Tuesday when the Premier League released the breakdown of what clubs were making from the massive television deal. The Blues earned £98,999,554 from the central fund, the largest amount ever given out to a Premier League club. The full breakdown is as follows:

These figures have gotten significantly larger over the past three years, and have significantly closed the gap between what the top sides in England earn compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona. As this gap continues to shrink due to governmental regulation of La Liga's television money, it's not hard to imagine that the gap on the field will close significantly as well.

Now that we know Chelsea have made an awful lot of money, our focus can turn to how they'll be spending it. Here's hoping that doesn't involve overpaying for an aging forward that just spent the season failing to impress in Manchester.

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