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The Paul Pogba to Chelsea rumors just got turned up to eleven

I'm so sorry, Barcelona, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain.  You all tried.  You all tried so hard.  Even with FFP restrictions and transfer bans, you tried so, so hard.  But now, it's all over.  Y'all might think you still have a chance.  But really, y'all don't.

"Jose Mourinho has spoken with Pogba, to tell him of his interest, but now he has to speak with his club."

-source: SPORT

Once the Mourinho personal visit or phone call happens, it's basically a done deal*.  No one can resist the power of The Special One.  Welcome, Paul Pogba.

* Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Unless we're talking SPORT, who two summers ago predicted that Barcelona will sign Fernando Torres and even took this amazing photo of Torres looking at himself on the cover.  Then it's almost guaranteed to be BS.

While Sport claim that Barcelona already have a verbal agreement with Juventus over this deal, they're thinking that Mourinho will swoop down on the wings of Oscar, machine guns filled with €50m blazing a path straight to the castle where Juventus are keeping Pogba locked up.  A loan of Juan Cuadrado may or may not be involved as well.  We walk away with Pogba and leave the rest there for Juve to use as they see fit.

Oh Spanish press, you're the absolute best!

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