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Juventus continue courtship of Chelsea's 'footballing inventor' Oscar

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Hard to blame Max Allegri for his continued courtship of Chelsea's Oscar, though it is getting a bit annoying.  Not that he would care about my feelings.  Nor should he, especially with his team in need of a creative option.

"I would like a footballing inventor - they are never boring. A wildcard in the line-up can bring a different balance to the table. Ego in moderate amounts is not harmful to a team's health. I like Real Madrid's Isco and Brazil's Oscar, while among the young Italians there is much to admire in Berardi and Bernardeschi."

"The addition of a No.10 to the mix is both a tactical desire and a desire to add ego to my team. Without Carlos Tevez and Andrea Pirlo this coming season, Juve must change and experiment with new ways of working."

-Massimiliano Allegri; source: La Repubblica via Goal

Maybe Allegri just keeps throwing these names out there and hoping that one of them will perk up and respond in kind.  Or maybe he's just bored and figures he'll entertain the media and the fans to help pass the time until the new season.  Either way, Oscar isn't going anywhere.

Except maybe to cooking school.

Don't exert yourself too much, young one, stirring that giant pot of stew.  We need you fresh and all rested, for once, for next season.

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