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Mohamed Salah has three days to accept 'insane offer' ultimatum

Insane in the membrane.

Looking for answers.
Looking for answers.
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

As somebody mentioned in the comments in the previous update, one of the last things we ever expected this summer was for Mohamed Salah to become the most in-demand Chelsea player.  Sure, the 23-year-old proved a great fit at Fiorentina, but I doubt too many expected that to translate to interest from dozens of other teams as well.  Perhaps Salah himself didn't expect this much attention either, and that may go some ways towards explaining why he's been holding out on La Viola in accepting the loan extension for next season.  If Salah did indeed get his head turned, it could've easily led to this holdout and the demands for a bigger salary.

Fiorentina exercised the loan option for next season some time ago now, but since Salah has the ability to veto that deal, the club is at the player's mercy.  But they're also at the player's Chelsea contract's mercy, which, as far as I understand, is what sets Salah's total salary.  It was never clear how Salah expected more money out of Fiorentina while he was on loan there.  Sure enough, the most recent rumors had been that Fiorentina were ready to make the deal permanent this summer already rather than just the next.  With that in mind, here's Fiorentina "club manager" Vincenzo Guerini on how far La Viola are willing to go.

"I tell the fans that the club has made an insane offer to Salah."

"If any player, not just Salah, turned down a proposal like that, then it's best he doesn't stay at Fiorentina. However, I think Salah will accept. He made a huge impact with us, so it's normal that he should receive calls from elsewhere. He wants to earn more, but Fiorentina made a truly important proposal."

-Vincenzo Guerini; source: Gazzetta dello Sport via Guardian

Not much negotiating room left after that!  The offer is rumored to include a yearly salary of €3m plus bonuses, alongside a transfer fee of €16-18m.

With Salah due to officially return to Chelsea on June 30, just before the start of the transfer window, he has about three days left to figure out what he wants to do.  Does he take the money and go back to where he restarted his career after 12 useless months at Cobham, or does he risk the open market and perhaps a new team?  Surely, Salah will do the sensible thing here and return to Florence.

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