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Here's highlight tape of the man rumoured to be Chelsea's newest signing

Minus the weird part where Fluminense announced that they have sold their promising forward Kenedy, but failed to specify with whom they actually did the business, it's been another banner day for the Chelsea football factory. Another (fairly) cheap yet highly promising prospect looks to be on his way to Cobham. Err, Cobham East, I mean Vitesse or whatever other club we might send him on loan to since he's highly unlikely to qualify for a work permit under either the old or the new rules.

But that doesn't mean we can't marvel at some of his skills on display in highlight videos. We won't learn much about his potential weaknesses, but we'll certainly see some strengths. Strengths like a wicked left foot (on which he seems to rely just a tad bit too much), a great burst, and excellent speed. He's got tricks and flicks aplenty — my goodness that elastico! — and there are even a couple very nice passes in there. Good size and hold up play to match, though a rather heavy touch at times. One of our long-time commenters described him as a Hulk (HULK!) clone, and there's little in this video to disprove that notion. Here's also a short scouting report from Jack Lang (a.k.a. SnapKakaPop), which matches most of what we see in the 8-minute video above.

Probably not the worst way to spend $10m (£6-6.5m).

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