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Fiorentina ready to double down on Mohamed Salah

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Mohamed Salah remains in high demand, especially in Serie A.  Inter Milan are the latest name to take a tumble in the bouncy castle.  Whether all this interest is real or just drummed up by Salah's entourage to try to bend Fiorentina to the Chelsea loanee's will is up for debate.  Regardless, it seems to be working.

Salah is asking for €3 million net plus bonuses, a considerable raise from his current salary of €2.2 million. In the meantime, Inter continues to monitor the situation, they are offering Salah €2.7 million, a sum Fiorentina would have to at least match. Fiorentina is making progress on keeping Salah.


The Salah pay raise demand has been known for a while now, but the part that always struck me as weird and nonsensical was how he would go about demanding more money out of La Viola when the terms of the contract were with Chelsea instead.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Fiorentina have told Salah he can be the centre of their future plans with new Coach Paulo Sousa.

He could sign a five-year contract and make the departure from Chelsea permanent for the agreed €18m fee now rather than next year.

-source: Football Italia

And there we have it.  If Fiorentina make the move permanent, they can pay Salah as much money as he can possible negotiate out of them.  Since Chelsea had been willing to already agree to a buy-option for next summer, there's little reason to think that we wouldn't agree to a permanent move this summer as well.  Sounds like Salah could be on his way out of Stamford Bridge for good.

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