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The Daily Hilario: Crossing the line

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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In case you missed it, Chile vs. Uruguay at the Copa quarters was ... well, it was something else.  There was a bit of football that was played, too, with Chile dominating possession as Uruguay sat deep and narrow.  Cavani had the thankless job of being the lone forward with absolutely zero supply, and then was asked to defend, too.

And these tactics almost worked for the Uruguayans — the match would've gone straight to penalty kicks had it ended in a draw — until Cavani got himself a second yellow for stroking Gonzalo Jara's cheek right in front of the referee.  Jara collapsed in a heap after a beat or two and Edinson got his marching orders.  And then, the replays came out:

Pay close attention to Jara's finger, too.  I think Brooks summed it up best:

Latest reports say that Jara has been suspended for the rest of the tournament.  Perhaps he needs a bit more retraining, considering it was he who got punched out by Luis Suarez once, after Suarez claimed that Jara fondled his genitals.  Not cool, Jara, not cool at all.  Over the line!

It's been a terrible few days for my man Edinson, playing just a day after his father was arrested and jailed after causing a fatal car crash.  Add in all the emotion and molestation of the game and it's a surprise he didn't just absolutely deck the Chilean provocateur.


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