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Two more options for Mohamed Salah's future

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Mohamed Salah is ridiculously, unreasonably in demand.  Sure, he scored a few goals in a short time in Serie A, but rather than just take the easy option and agree to Fiorentina's loan extension and keep the good times rolling, he's apparently considering a whole bunch of other teams, too.

Atlético Madrid had already been mentioned as a potential loan destination, but somebody somewhere put two and two together and linked that into Chelsea making a potential bid for Antoine Griezmann.  Griezmann would most likely cost Sterling-level moneys, but as bonus, we'd also throw in Salah.  Of course, last time we essentially traded Salah plus cash for a winger, we got Juan Cuadrado and we've yet to reap any benefits there.  It should be noted that both Chelsea and Atlético Madrid have maintained that Cuadrado and Griezmann, respectively, aren't going anywhere this summer.

As if Italian and Spanish options weren't enough, West Ham have been linked as well, shortly after ending their supposed interest in Loïc Rémy.  At least it does make more sense for the Hammers to be after a winger rather than a striker, where they already have 2-3 decent options.

Salah was supposed to have a showdown summit (dun-dun-DUN) with the Fiorentina front office today, but that's now been pushed back due to "travel issues." At least they didn't use the "dog ate my homework plane tickets" excuse.  All that said, it wouldn't surprise me if this was all just a big charade for Salah to somehow force more money out of La Viola — though I still don't quite understand how he expects the team that's loaning him to give him more money than what's due to him under his Chelsea contract.

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