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Gerrard: There's not a day I don't think about the slip

Chelsea fans applaud a man who's given us so much in his career
Chelsea fans applaud a man who's given us so much in his career
Clive Rose/Getty Images

If you wanted to talk about the highlights of Jose Mourinho's second spell at Stamford Bridge, we'd hear a lot about the pure triumphs. The march to the Premier League title this season would be first on the list, the League Cup final up there as well, and moments like Demba Ba's winner against Paris Saint-Germain still bring a smile to everyone's faces. But there's one moment everyone cherishes which was more to do with another team than it was with us: The Slip.

Steven Gerrard falling over and costing Liverpool the title was probably the funniest thing to ever happen in a Premier League game. It was funny on the slapstick level, watching the poor old man scurry after Ba like a sock-wearing puppy on a polished wood floor. It was funny on the ironic level because of his well-publicised earlier quotes. And it was funny on the epic level because it ended what looked worryingly like it would be a triumphant Gerrard swan-song, not with a bang or a trophy, but rather with a distressed fart of a match.

Thanks in large part to that slip, Gerrard will never win the Premier League. That's a fact which warms my bones. And he's still haunted by the mistake, which warms them still further:

The slip happened at a bad time, it was cruel for me personally. There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about what if that didn’t happen. Would things have been different? Would it have turned out different? Maybe it might of, I don’t know.

Going into the Chelsea game I think because we were in a good run and good form and no fault to Brendan at all, but we sort of went in with the same tactics. We heard Chelsea were possibly making a few changes and we actually have the confidence we can blow them away but I think sort of underestimated the power of Mourinho. He came and he spoilt the game. He ruined it. He had them very hard to beat. He had all the units. He spoilt the game.

Source: Guardian.

Is it mean to revel this much in an individual's misfortune? Absolutely. Do I care? [fun] no. Ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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