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Arsenal, Chelsea agree Petr Cech fee -- report

No safety or surprise, the end; I'll never look into your eyes, again.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Moving right along.  And no PR company denials* this time!  (So far.)  So ... it's happening.  As if we didn't already know that it's happening.  I guess the long drawn out process is perhaps helping us cope with this move?  Or, it's just adding a few more thousand cuts to what already was a death by a thousand cuts.

I must say, the £10.9m is such an Arsenal fee.  It's not £11.  It's £10.9!  We should've held out for £11.1!

Sky's full report maintains that there will be no player added in exchange and that Cech is eternally grateful to Chelsea and Roman Abramovich specifically for allowing him to choose the most annoying outcome possible in this situation.  Neither of those claims should be surprising at this point.

Barring a miracle, all that's left now is the official confirmation from Chelsea or Arsenal.


* Meanwhile, Cech's PR company is off doing Pilates.  What a world!

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