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Is Petr Cech trolling Chelsea fans, Arsenal fans, or both sets at the same time?

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I realize this happened several hours ago now, and it's probably not even really a story, but I can't quite figure out why Petr Cech's PR company is so darn insistent on correcting standard-fare reporting about Petr Cech's impending move to Arsenal.

The Mail and their ilk "break" such stories all the time; we (should) have all been conditioned by now to know not to take them at face value until clubs officially confirm any transfer.  (If you haven't yet, you should read WAGNH more often!)  Does Cech's PR company not know this?  Surely they do, considering that they represent other big names like Drogba or Walcott or Begovic.  Incidentally, the latter two have been tangentially involved in this transfer at one point or another as a player in exchange and a player in replacement, respectively.  Hmmm... possibly interesting?  Probably not.

What difference does it make that the PR company corrected the Mail's story?  Is this somehow affecting the final stages of negotiations?  Did the Mail breaking the story (after Sky already reported that personal terms have been agreed) make Cech lose out on some sort of contractual perk?  Surely the lawyers and negotiators have better things to do than to read the tabloids for clues like they're the Men in Black.  Is Cech possibly still trying to use PSG as leverage to get some sort of perk?  Or is he just trolling us, them, and everyone else?

With the insistent denial (which Cech also retweeted), there's still a chance this all hilariously devolves into an 11th hour cancelation.  Which would be glorious and legendary.  Or Cech's just giving us false hope.  Either way, somebody's getting trolled.  Though I suppose when it comes to Cech and Twitter, that's not a new thing.

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