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All Cech'd out on fake Instagrams and conveniently timed Twitter follows

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Maybe the summer sunshine's getting to everyone.  Then again, a huge deal was made of Lionel Messi liking Chelsea on Instagram once, so perhaps this is the new standard.  Somebody sneezes on social media and suddenly the whole football world loses their minds.

Of course, we were fooled by the Tomas Rosicky Instagram thing for a while as well, which is unfortunate.  According to Arsenal's official social media page — a great idea, by the way, and one that Chelsea should emulate as well — Rosicky does not have an account on either Twitter or Instagram.  The fact that t7rosicky only has 93k followers and contains strictly third-person media shots should've been a hint as well.  Rosicky himself has said before that he will not be drawn into commenting on any specifics, even though it's hardly a stretch to suggest he has some inside info on his national team teammate and friend.

From fake Arsenal player accounts we move to real Arsenal staff accounts, the Twitter account of official club photographer Stuart MacFarlane specifically.  MacFarlane activated two follow buttons earlier today, one for Petr Cech's Twitter, the other for the Twitter of the PR company that represents the goalkeeper.  Didn't take long for the Internet to connect the dots.  MacFarlane, who happens to follow plenty of non-Arsenal players and companies, eventually had to issue an explanation.

Whether he was just premature or he didn't think anyone would notice or is actually telling the truth is almost inconsequential at this point.  Cech to Arsenal is all but confirmed anyway.

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