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Report: Cech turned down 50% more money to choose Arsenal

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Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The story goes that Petr Cech's contract at Arsenal will make him their highest paid goalkeeper at £100k per week (and perhaps a tiny bit more).  There's a good chance he would be their highest paid goalkeeper ever, just like he was our highest paid goalkeeper ever.  Our FFP Database had him on the same exact wages that Arsenal are about to give him, £10k more than our goalkeeper of the future currently gets paid.

So that's pretty good, to say the least, but if the Mirror are to be believed, Cech could've earned far more if he had chosen Paris Saint-Germain instead, who had been one of the rumored destinations for the Chelsea goalkeeper (and one we perhaps tried to encourage over Cech staying in the Premier League).

...PSG had been ready to offer the Czech Republic veteran an even bigger wage packet of around £150,000-a-week. But Cech chose to stay in London where he is settled.

-source: Mirror

While I understand where Cech's coming from in preferring not to uproot his family, I'd be lying if I said this didn't stick in my craw a bit.  Then again, maybe Cech's just a proponent of the mo' money, mo' problems philosophy.  Biggie's always right.

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