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Things Massimiliano Allegri cannot afford

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In the second part of our unexpected summer series, Get to Know Massimiliano Allegri, we learn about things the Juventus manager cannot afford.  You might think this is random and weird, but there's nothing good on TV anyway.

In the first part, we learned about things Allegri likes, including Chelsea's Oscar.  Incidentally, Oscar plays a key role in today's episode as well.

"We are completing the squad. You can have money to spend, but if the parent clubs don't want to sell, then you can have €1bn (£715m) and not get anywhere."

-Massimiliano Allegri; source: Express

While it's not entirely clear to me that Allegri was talking about Oscar, the Express do claim that to be case, for whatever that's worth.  So, if you're a bit more of a visual learner, here's where we stand with the whole Oscar-Juventus story.

allegri venn diagram

In related news, there are also stories out there of Chelsea "slapping" a price tag in excess of £30m* (€42m) on the 23-year-old.  Has a price tag ever been applied to a player in a non-slapping manner?  More importantly, is that fee large enough to ward off any further advances from Allegri?  Maybe we'll get to find out in a part three of Get to Know Massimiliano Allegri.  Until then, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

* This seems to be a common theme, but I find this price tag pretty low as well.  Still far more realistic than the £9m that was bandied about a few weeks ago.

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