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Chelsea confirm Kakuta sale as player looks forward to 'stability'

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After eight seasons and six loans, Gael Kakuta has finally found a home.

Hamish Blair/Getty Images

From heady heights to lowest lows, Gael Kakuta has experienced just about everything in this eight seasons (8!) on Chelsea's books ... except consistent success and a set a future of course.  It is the latter he hopes to maintain by continuing the former.  After an excellent season on loan at Rayo Vallecano, he's hoping his career can finally truly begin at the top level.

"I'm here because of what I did at Rayo. I can bring quality to this team."

"I really like the sporting project and the fact that Sevilla play good football. It's true I've been to a lot of clubs but I came here for some stability. My aim is to stay here."

-Gael Kakuta; source: Goal

Kakuta goes to give his full commitment to coach Unai Emery, ready to do anything and everything required, even if that means playing a slightly less attacking role than he would personally prefer.

"My role will be decided by the coach. I'm here to give everything. I'm an attacking player but I know (Unai) Emery likes his players to defend a lot."

-Gael Kakuta; source: Mail

Speaking of coaches who like their players to defend a lot, Kakuta admits not discussing the move with Jose Mourinho.  Though in fairness, they'd have very little to talk about.

"Hey man, I'm leaving."  
"OK, good luck!"

The end.

And so, we join Chelsea official in wishing Kakuta happiness and great success in Seville.  Maybe we'll even meet in the Champions League next season!