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Falcao teases end of his Chelsea transfer saga

Alex Reyes/STR LatinContent WO

It's now Thursday.  As if you didn't know.  But I start with that since Falcao's transfer was supposed to be done within the "coming hours" last weekend already.  And then it was the next 24-hours.  And then the coming days.  And then it was Thursday.  It is now Thursday.  And the day's almost over in many parts of the world.  And so we wait.

Meanwhile, Falcao's playing in the Copa America.  Not too well, but he's playing and he's captaining his country.  After an opening round shock defeat to Venezuela, Colombia pulled off the narrow win in perhaps the biggest game of the tournament so far.  With the red cards that followed after the final whistle, it could also be the most impactful, especially as far as Brazil are concerned.

In any case, after the win, Falcao spoke with the local media, who pressed him on the veracity of the Chelsea rumor.

"It could be [true], you will know soon."

-Falcao; source: FIFA

Apparently, he said it with a smile.  Such a tease, that Falcao.

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