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Things Massimiliano Allegri likes

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Apparently this counts as a transfer rumor.  Perhaps Allegri knows this and included Oscar specifically because of that.  Perhaps he's just throwing names out and seeing what sticks.  Perhaps it's much ado about nothing at all, especially since I highly doubt Mourinho is about to sell Oscar.  But hey, let's indulge the Juventus manager for a second.

And if you read on, you'll see that Allegri also likes Isco, Pastore, Di Maria, Kroos.  "All players from Champions."  Nice list, to be sure.  And if Juve do convert Paul Pogba to cash, which they say they don't want to do, maybe they could even get somebody from that list.  But it's all a bit fanciful.

What is clear is that Allegri is a winner who likes winners.  No surprise there.  And Oscar is indeed a winner, especially after this past season.  Since coming to Chelsea, he's collected a Europa League, a Premier League, and a League Cup trophy, to go with his Confederations Cup title with Brazil.  He had been winning titles before Chelsea, too, including an U20 World Cup where he scored a hat-trick in the final.  Not a bad collection for a 23-year-old.

I'm sure he'll add many more to it in the years to come, too, most likely in a Chelsea shirt.

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