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Chelsea provide official update on new stadium development

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The official study commissioned by Chelsea Football Club to explore the feasibility of expanding and upgrading Stamford Bridge is now a year old.  Initially expected to take just a few months, it's now been going for 12 months and there's no real end in sight.  Chelsea's latest official update unfortunately does not give anything more specific than that either.

The process now enters a further local consultation phase. This will include an explanation of the rationale for expansion, driven by spectator demand for more seats and the need to increase stadium revenue to remain competitive with our major rivals, this revenue being especially important under Financial Fair Play rules.

Technical solutions for stadium capacity expansion are being investigated initially.

This stage of the consultation will focus at present on discussing the rationale and technical solutions for expansion with residents and match-going spectators. Local stakeholders, neighbours, season ticket holders and club members will be invited to comment on the potential expansion. This feedback, which to date has assisted our progress in earlier stages, will continue to inform the next stage of the study.

-source: Chelsea FC

So, basically, the update is that there is no new update.  The consultation continues, the feasibility studies continue, the goal remains to upgrade Stamford Bridge to compete in the modern era.  Which is fantastic.  Also fantastic: consultations with season ticket holders and pitch owners.

We therefore invite you to attend this consultation phase:

Dates: 30 June, 1 July, 2 July
Times: 12noon - 8pm daily
Venue: East Stand reception, Stamford Bridge Stadium, Stamford Bridge Grounds, Fulham Road SW6 1HS

-source: @sidcelery

As far as specific details right now, all we have are more rumors, such as The Sun's Rob Beasley chiming in with no new actual information.

Does he mean we're going to knock it all down and start again?  That seems a bit extreme, but perhaps eventually it will come to such extreme measures if an amicable plan for redevelopment cannot be found.  Until then, let's enjoy the cozy confines.

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