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Falcao remains calm as Chelsea rumors reach critical mass

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Throughout this whole brewing Falcao saga, the one thing that's been distinctly missing has been words from the player himself.  He's left the talking to his agent, while he himself has been concentrating on getting ready with Colombia for the Copa América.  But since he is the national team captain, he did have to face the media ahead of Colombia's opening game against Venezuela.  And so, among the many answers, he did address all the rumors and criticisms and questions about whether he can still cut it as a top level striker (at Chelsea ... or elsewhere, I suppose).

"I'm very calm.  Today, there is a more complete Falcao than before.  Last season I had a different role, but I'm not complaining."

-Falcao; source: AS Colombia via Google Translate

Calm Falcao goes on to talk about how everything will be normal as he soon as he starts scoring goals again.  Which is exactly what Mourinho's supposedly wanting to help him do.  Hurray, synergy!

Meanwhile, the swirling rumors are anything but calm.  There's even a tornado warning for tomorrow!

Not that I'm holding up Richard Keys as some transfer market oracle, but his tweet is fairly representative of the current mood.  Of course, perhaps it's all just speculation that's based on this transfer getting announced before Colombia's first game at the Copa, so that it doesn't serve as distraction during the tournament.

In any case, Falcao's ex-teammate (and future teammate?) Thibaut Courtois was asked about all this as well.

"I don't know anything about (a transfer), but of course I know Falcao very well. He's a very good boy, he's a good friend of mine, so if he comes, great."

"That's the decision of the club. But he would be a very good player for Chelsea."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: Mail

Courtois's answer is exactly what you would expect an ex-teammate (and future teammate?) to say in this situation.  That of course does not make it not true.

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