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Mohamed Salah has the 'power of veto'

The Fiorentina star's agent reminds Fiorentina who's in charge.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

It's like that scene in the movie Crimson Tide, when both the captain and the executive officer of the submarine have to turn their missile launch keys at the same time.  Otherwise the bad guys who are fueling their birds win and then nuclear winter follows and the alien scientists shake their head-like appendages at yet another failed Minecraft save.  So no pressure now, Mohamed Salah.  There's hardly anything riding on your decision.  Only the fate of the world.

"Fiorentina have the right to extend the loan, but the player has the right to veto. He is now with the national team, but when he returns he will make a decision."

-Ulisse Savini, Salah's agent; source: Football Italia

In fairness to Salah, he has an incomplete set of orders.  The radio buoy got stuck when Vincenzo Montella was fired by Fiorentina, and while sources claim this has no bearing on the Chelsea loanee's decision, it would hardly be surprising if he waited to make the call until a new manager is announced (Paulo Sousa is supposedly set to be the new man in charge).  Meanwhile, Mourinho's been nothing but nice to Salah, even reminding the 21-year-old that he should come collect his Premier League winners medal and celebrate with the rest of the champions.

Numbers reported previously put Fiorentina's loan extension fee at €2m, with a possible future transfer fee of €13m (£9-10m) next summer already locked in as well.  Not a bad price at all for the 22-year-old who scored 9 goals in half a season.

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