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The Daily Hilario: WAGNH's History Night

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with "history."

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I'm not exactly sure what all y'all are up with all this having history and reliving it thing, but here you go, Ms. Takarai K:

dh poll thing

Since I'm 100% confident you all have this game saved, DVR'd, memorized, I will not have to hide any discussions about illegal files, downloads, and streams ... RIGHT? Right.


There was a discussion about this yesterday, too, that I missed due to other, real-life commitments (of which there have been many lately), but I have to chime in right here because this movie is truly one of my all-time favorites.  Even if the third act doesn't quite fit with the rest (though if you watch the trailer, it's not that surprising maybe?).

The style, the cinematography, the pacing, the cast & their acting, the concept and the story, the MUSIC, it's just so good.  Some movies just have to be SEEN even if you don't like the genre or the story or whatever.  And I mean that in the most literal sense.  You have to see it.  Watch the images on the screen.  Take in the sounds.  It's all just so beautiful.

Perhaps my favorite bit, just one instance where it all comes together.  Don't watch the scene below if you haven't seen the movie. I can't find Capa's Jump on YouTube.  It used to be there.  Dammit, Fox Searchlight.  Here's the soundtrack instead, also used to great effect in Kick-Ass.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Iceland vs. Czech Republic
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Latvia vs. Netherlands
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Wales vs. Belgium
19.45:  Euro 2016 Qualifying:  Croatia vs. Italy
22.00:  Women's World Cup:  Australia vs. Nigeria
00.00 (next day):  Women's World Cup:  Switzerland vs. Ecuador
00.30 (next day):  Copa América:  Mexico vs. Bolivia
01.00 (next day):  Women's World Cup:  USA vs. Sweden
03.00 (next day):  Women's World Cup:  Japan vs. Cameroon

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