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It's been a while since we've had a Patrick Bamford rumor.  Four days, is it?  We've had the heat-death of the universe and several new Big Bangs since!  Silly Season waits for no man, machine, or eternal archon.

West Bromwich Albion are keen on Chelsea striker Patrick Bamford and are keeping a close watch on his situation at Chelsea.

Patrick Bamford is quite good at what he does.  It's not surprising that many teams are 'keen' on him.  Then again, when I think of a striker in a Tony Pulis team, Bamford isn't exactly the first option.  (Neither is Saido Berahino, in fairness, so maybe Pulis has got us all fooled.)

Bamford is yet to sign a new deal at Stamford Bridge where the 21-year-old has two years on his contract. There is a feeling that he will be allowed out for a fee in the region of £8 million which will scare off the majority of suitors.

Wait, wasn't it £10m just four days ago, which then "scared off" Newcastle?

Bamford could very well be looking at all the rumors of arriving big name strikers and feel that his window of opportunity to make it at Chelsea is even more closed than last summer.  So I can see why the rumors have recently shifted from loan to sell.  And maybe Bamford is ready to settle down somewhere, at his ripe old age of 21.  But I found the £10m to be a rather small price, let alone £8m, so if we are looking to cash-in, let's start the negotiations a bit higher, shall we?

Also, let's not cash-in just yet, please.

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