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The Daily Hilario: Matchweek 36

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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3rd vs. 11th:  Avalanche vs. In Hazardous Kompany
4th vs. 1st:  DP's All-Stars vs. Mother Hen Mourinho
2nd vs. 9th:  Cahill for Jesus vs. Cesc-y Jonjo Shnoz
7th vs. 5th:  Dynamo Hawkeye vs. B Tret
8th vs. 6th:  Haz Mat Suits vs. Langers Athletic
12th vs. 10th:  West Staines Massiv vs. Silent James & the Falcao Punch

waffle standings final week

It's the final week of the regular season.  Third and fourth place are set.  First and second can still change.  Next, week, the championship playoffs begin!

BEVERAGE OF THE WEEKEND: Blackberry Pear Cider | Crispin — Local boys make wonderful lemonade.  Blackberryade?  Pearade?  Something.  It's good.  A bit sweet, a bit dangerous, but good.

ENGLAND (all times BST):
11.00:  U18 Premier League, 2nd phase, 5th vs. 8th:  Chelsea U18 vs. Manchester City U18
12.15:  Championship, promotion playoffs, 1st leg:  Ipswich Town vs. Norwich City
12.45:  Premier League, 11th vs. 18th:  Everton vs. Sunderland
15.00:  Premier League, 14th vs. 9th:  Aston Villa vs. West Ham United
15.00:  Premier League, 17th vs. 20th:  Hull City vs. Burnley
15.00:  Premier League, 16th vs. 7th:  Leicester City vs. Southampton
15.00:  Premier League, 15th vs. 13th:  Newcastle United vs. West Bromwich Albion
15.00:  Premier League, 10th vs. 6th:  Stoke City vs. Tottenham Hotspur
17.30:  Premier League, 12th vs. 4th:  Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United

WHAT NOT TO SAY TO FANS: Last week, the struggling (relatively) big name striker for my home town team called the fans "fair-weather" and accused of them coming to the stadium just because it's "fashionable" nowadays (even though the team is struggling a bit).   This is coming from the guy who's scored 6 goals in his 30-match career for the club.  Even though he quickly apologized, he got the living crap whistled out of him in the last home game.  Basically, the fans refused to cheer and whenever he touched the ball, they let out a chorus of whistles.  Only when the player was substituted with just a few minutes to go did they start to cheer.  Which is usually pretty impressive when they get into the swing of things (considering how small the stadium is):

The obvious lesson:  unless you're Jose Mourinho, don't slag off the fans.  Especially when it's not really true what you're accusing them of.  Even if you're Jose Mourinho, consider doing so lightly.

ELSEWHERE (all times BST):
14.30:  Bundesliga, 1st vs. 6th:  Bayern Munich vs. Augsburg
14.30:  Bundesliga, 3rd vs. 4th:  Gladbach vs. Bayer Leverkusen
16.00:  Ligue 1, 14th vs. 2nd:  Caen vs. Olympique Lyonnais
17.00:  La Liga, 1st vs. 11th:  Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad
19.00:  La Liga, 2nd vs. 4th:  Real Madrid vs. Valencia
19.45:  Serie A, 11th vs. 2nd:  AC Milan vs. AS Roma

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