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Mourinho: 'I don't want Cech to go to an English club'

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As far as Jose Mourinho's concerned — and he makes it clear that this is just his personal preference, not the board's, not Abramovich's, and not Cech's (though, for all we know, they might agree with the Chelsea manager) — there are four possible outcomes to the Petr Cech situation this summer.

In order of his preference, they are:

  1. Petr Cech stays — "If it was me, if it was my decision, the decision is Petr to stay. That’s it. It would be my decision for Petr to stay. Even against his will? Yes. I think that the club is more important than the player and, as was true this season, the club needs two very good goalkeepers. Without Petr this season, I don’t think the club would be champions because he played six important matches in the Premier League. Without these points, we probably wouldn’t be champions. For me, decision number one, Petr will stay."
  2. Petr Cech goes — "After that, second point, to go but not in England."
  3. Everything — "...I am just the manager and he means so much for this club and what he did in this club, I think he deserves everything from this club."
  4. Arsenal — "The option I don’t want is for him to go to an English club."


Cech has been linked with Arsenal and Inter Milan in recent weeks.  He's been linked with several more clubs over the course of the past year.  Choose wisely!

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