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Mourinho rubbishes the '4 days off' rumour

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has dismissed the rumours that he gave Chelsea's full squad four days off as a reward for winning the Premier League title last weekend. The Blues have been criticised for not taking their totally irrelevant fixture against Liverpool this Sunday with the dignity that Liverpool and Manchester United deserve, and the papers have been stuffed full of reports that the whole squad was on holiday, leaving the players with just two days to prepare for the Reds' visit.

In truth, the manager has revealed that some players have had more time to recuperate than others, just like the rest of the season. For some reason he employed an extensive metaphor about suits to convey this point, but we'll cut the title-winner some slack. At any rate, the truth is that we haven't been totally ignoring preparing for this match no matter how much the papers might have been claiming that we're collectively off on a beach somewhere.

Meanwhile, an injury update:

I like to imagine that Chelsea keep Diego Costa chained up and growling in a basement when he's not allow to play for fear that he'll go on a rampage across the country otherwise.

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