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Thibaut Courtois also happy at Chelsea, also not going anywhere

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Last summer, it was all about Paris Saint-Germain.  Hazard, Oscar, David Luiz, Cech, Hilario, that Scottish masseuse guy, everybody was supposedly joining the French champions.  Eventually, one of them did move, though when you link just about every Chelsea player with two feet, you're bound to get one right every once in a while.

This summer, it seems to be all about La Liga.  Mostly Real Madrid, but some Atlético as well.  Hazard, Filipe Luis, Azpilicueta, Mikel(!!!) even, Hilario, that Scottish masseuse guy, everybody is supposedly joining a team in the Spanish capital.  Thibaut Courtois is the latest to be added to that list.  He's also the latest to be added to the list of people who are happy at Chelsea and don't have any intention of leaving.  Not coincidentally, those two lists are basically the same length, though perhaps, just like last summer, maybe somebody will indeed end up moving (e.g. Petr Cech?).

"I am happy at Chelsea. I have four years on my contract."

"I had great years at Atletico, I could dream thanks to that club, but in my career I always aimed to the top."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: Evening Standard

Welcome to the top, Thibaut.  The English top, in any case.  We'll get back to the European one soon enough, too, I'm sure, especially with you in goal.

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