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Rumors claim a bidding war, as Juve continue to deny that Paul Pogba's for sale

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Have you missed your daily Paul Pogba, part of this complete transfer rumor meal?  I know I have, and scurvy is no fun.  But worry not!  Help is on the way, to ensure that we meet our daily FDA-recommended dosage.

"[PSG] have offered the midfielder €15 million a season after taxes (3 times what [Juventus] currently pays him) but Pogba has turned down the offer. Real Madrid has taken advantage of the Champions League semifinal to try to sign Pogba, they had Zidane help in their efforts so far. It's possible Real Madrid's pursuit continues in coming weeks: the race for Pogba has started."


Do I smell a bidding war?  At least that's the story that GDM (and/or the player's agent) appear to be spinning.  It would certainly be in the agent's favor to get all the big names frothing over his client — as they all should, in all fairness.  Di Marzio could also be just covering his tracks since they were the ones who initially broke the PSG bid story last week.

Yet, despite (or perhaps exactly because of) all the interest — and we could basically list any and every "big" team here — Juventus maintain that Pogba is not for sale.

"At the moment Pogba is one of the best young players in the world so it's normal that many big clubs would set their sights on him. But we, too, are a big club and we're not in the habit of selling our best players."

"Look back over our long history and Juve have sanctioned very few sales of big-name players. And at the moment the conditions are not right to put Pogba on the market."

-Guiseppe Marotta; source: Guardian

Then again, they did sell Zinedine Zidane once, so when "the conditions" do turn right, they might just do the same with Pogba.  So if we want the 22-year-old, we will have to be the right team at the right place at the right time ... with the right amount of money, of course.

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