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Bobby Tambling honored by England before Sunday's Chelsea win

All sorts of headwear news recently.

There was Eden Hazard's "not bad" hat that he wore to Didier Drogba's charity ball.  Then we learned that Cesc Fabregas also wears a hat, a magic one at that.  And now, here's Chelsea's second all-time leading scorer Bobby Tambling with a few hats of his own.  Well, caps, if you want to be specific.

As far as I know, players still receive commemorative caps these days when turn out for England, though they usually get only one per tournament rather than one for each game at a World Cup or European Championship.

Surprisingly for such a prolific scorer, Bobby Tambling only won three England caps in his lifetime, and, apparently, his youngest son "had an accident" with the originals.  I'm not sure I want to know what that means exactly.

"People ask if I won any England caps and I say I won three, then they look around the house and ask where they are. My youngest son took them and had an accident with them, but now I've got them back it's a really happy day."

Tambling, looking great at 73 years young, was at the Bridge on Sunday to witness Chelsea making a bit more history.

"It's a very emotional day. We thought it would be because of what could happen today with Chelsea, but what I'm holding in my hands are the three England caps I won back in the early 1960s, which unfortunately were destroyed. Now they're back in my hands again, I never thought I'd see them and I'm so proud to have them again."

"It was a complete surprise. I can't believe it, I'm still in shock and shall treasure these now. I received a golden boot from the Chelsea Foundation last year and that was the best trophy I ever received."

And what does he think of the current Chelsea edition out there on the pitch?

"They deserve [the title] more than anybody else. They've been so consistent and deserve to be where they are. It just shows you how marvellous the manager is, this is the second team he's built and it's in its early days."


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