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Oscar misses Brazil's Copa America squad with injury

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The Brazil squad to compete in the 2015 Copa America will feature two Chelsea players, but the big news is that Oscar won't be one of them. Filipe Luis and Willian have been called up to the Selecao (so there's no Ramires either), but an injury -- perhaps the one he sustained while getting clobbered by David Ospina at the Emirates -- is holding him out of the tournament.

Google translate has that as 'I am very sad not to defend my country in the Copa America because of an injury. Thank you all for caring !!'

While Oscar's absence is bad news for both the player and Brazil, at least it will let him rest a little. The man's been playing football non-stop for years, and with the suspected concussion he sustained last weekend on top of regular wear and tear a summer break is just what the doctor ordered.