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Azpilicueta does not think about anything other than staying at Chelsea

Azpilicueta in the David Luiz-role
Azpilicueta in the David Luiz-role
Clive Mason/Getty Images

The man who comprises 1/11th of Jose Mourinho's master plan of football domination (both literally and cloning-wise), has zero intentions of leaving Chelsea.

It's a bit silly to suggest anything of the sort in all honesty, but apparently there are rumors out there linking the best left back in the Premier League with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.  I guess that's not too surprising; he is quite good, to say the least, and can play both an attacking style and a defensive style, on both the left and the right flanks.  But after the last two seasons, Azpilicueta has become a full-blown Mourinho zealot, so there's hardly anything for us to worry about.

"[Mourinho] asks a lot of the players. It's a new challenge every day, you have to be ready to fight, but Mourinho made me grow. I have made a lot of progress with him. It's the most important thing to learn with a man like him."

"I do not think about anything other than staying at Chelsea. I do not think about Spain. I'm in the best team in England; I do not think to play elsewhere."

-Cesar Azpilicueta; source: Evening Standard

Plus, they'd never call you Dave.

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