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Mourinho, Chelsea reach verbal agreement over contract extension, according to Duncan Castles

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Duncan Castles cites "sources familiar with the negotiations." Let's hope he's right.

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho is now halfway through the contract he signed two years ago upon returning to Happylandia Chelsea, and if we are to give him a contract extension, now is the most appropriate time.  And so, sure enough:

"Jose Mourinho has agreed on a two-year extension to his contract as Chelsea manager. The new deal, which runs until the summer of 2019, secures the Portuguese's status as football's best-remunerated coach."

"According to sources familiar with the negotiations, discussions about revising the four-season contract Mourinho agreed upon his 2013 return to Stamford Bridge, began at the end of last year. A verbal agreement has now been reached, with the deal expected to be formally concluded before the end of Chelsea's successful Premier League campaign."

-source: One World Sports

It's not outside the real of possibilities that Duncan Castles has access to some sort of inside information, as he claims.  He's usually very good with Mourinho news.  And a new contract for Jose has been rumored as far as back as February, even.  Those initial rumors also claimed an extension until 2019.

Make it so.