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Ramires returns home from hospital, set to miss 'a few weeks'

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The Chelsea midfielder, who missed our title celebrations yesterday through a rather unfortunate set of circumstances, has returned home to his family to rest and recover after "renal complications" forced an emergency hospital visit.  Fortunately the diagnosis was nowhere near as bad as the video of Ramires getting loaded into an ambulance suggested.

Earlier today, Ramires posted an update to social media, calling the episode "nothing serious" while posing with the Champions 2014-15 Chelsea scarf.  He's expecting to be fully recovered in "a few weeks."

Olá pessoal! Como vocês viram, passei muito mal poucos minutos antes do jogo de ontem por causa de uma complicação renal, mas estou sendo tratado desde o ocorrido e já me encontro em casa com meus familiares. Graças a Deus não foi nada grave e em algumas semanas terei minha saúde totalmente restabelecida. Obrigado a todos que me mandaram mensagens de apoio e que demonstraram seu carinho e preocupação de alguma forma. Agradecimento especial a toda junta médica do Chelsea por seu trabalho excepcional. Fiquei triste por não ter participado da festa em campo, mas feliz pela conquista do título, o único que me faltava no futebol inglês. Parabéns Chelsea! Hello guys! As you saw, I was very sick yesterday minutes before the match because of a renal complication, but I'm well and home with my family. Thank God it was nothing serious and I will be fully recovered in a few weeks. Thank you to all that sent me messages and were with me. I would like to thank the Chelsea's medical team for the exceptional job. I was sad not to be part of the party on the pitch, but very pleased with the title, the only English title I had left to concur. Congratulations Chelsea!

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In the five years since he's joined, Ramires has won just about every major trophy imaginable.  The Premier League title was the only one missing, and now he's got that, too!  We may not see him on the pitch again this season however, depending on the speed of his recovery, with just three games and three weeks left.