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Crowned champions, Chelsea way commands respect

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Sobering up after the confetti has settled, we reflect on yesterday's win, what this championship means for the club, and how our style is beyond criticism.

Old and new
Old and new
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London is Blue is a soccer fancast created by Chelsea FC fans from America and covers all things Chelsea. Hosts are @BBBusbee, @DanDormer and @NickVerlaney.

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Review: Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace


Brandon: Chelsea 4 - 1 Crystal Palace

Dan: Chelsea 3 - 0 Crystal Palace

Nick: Chelsea 5 - 1 Crystal Palace


1. What does this win mean for Chelsea?

2. What does this win mean for Mourinho?

Upcoming: Chelsea vs. Liverpool


Brandon: Chelsea 2 - 2 Liverpool

Dan: Chelsea 2 - 1 Liverpool

Nick: Chelsea 1 - 1 Liverpool