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Several Serie A teams on standby should Chelsea decide to ship out Juan Cuadrado

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that Juan Cuadrado hasn't exactly had the best start to his Chelsea career.  See, peace and harmony on the Internet.  We did it!

Of course that all blows up when we start talking about what's next for Johnny Squares.  Should he stay?  Should he go?  Has he had enough time?  Should he have more time?  Is he hopelessly lost?  Does he just need some confidence and a run in the side?  Plenty of permutations for possible opinions.  For what it's worth, even Mohamed Salah got 12 months before getting the boot, and he's multiple years younger than the 27-year-old ex-Fiorentina man.  And Cuadrado did end the season on a good note (not counting the subsequent injury) with a sparkling performance against Sunderland.  And his arrival did seem to spur Willian on to even better things.  So perhaps there's hope yet, even as rumors of Antoine Griezmann and such swirl about.

But should Chelsea and Mourinho decide to already pull the plug on the £26m investment, Cuadrado would have plenty of takers, apparently.  No less than three clubs have expressed interest in the winger, at least according to Di Marzio and the Daily Mail, and they include Napoli, Roma, and Inter.  No word on whether they'd be looking for a loan or a cut-rate permanent deal (or both at the same time, since that's a thing in those parts) for an underperforming asset.

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