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Diego Costa 'tired', not injured, says Mourinho

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

After a sweaty and humid run out for what's left of the Chelsea squad on Saturday, the only serious concern for Blues fans was that Diego Costa only managed to play for about 25 minutes of the second half. Nothing would be more irritating than the glass-hamstringed hitman to pick up an injury in a post-season friendly, after all. But according to Jose Mourinho we don't have anything to worry about -- Costa was withdrawn as a precaution because he was tired:

Because we had so many players injured and in surgery we asked Diego to come and try to play, which he did for 25 minutes. After that he was feeling tired so we had to protect him. He wanted to come, he respects the fans and he tried to play.

Source: Sky Sports.

That more or less squares with what we saw on the pitch. Costa was running as though the humidity and temperature in Bangkok was something that he simply didn't feel, and he certainly didn't look in any discomfort until he decided to come off. Glad to hear that it's nothing serious. Costa's health isn't worth putting the fear of God into some poor Thai defenders, after all.

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