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Jose on Chelsea critics: 'The dogs bark and the caravans go by'

Clive Mason/Getty Images

It's an old Arab proverb, in case you're wondering.  The dogs bark, and the caravan rolls on.  You cannot stop progress.  You cannot stop the inevitable.  You cannot stop Chelsea, regardless of how much you bark from the peanut gallery.

Mourinho had spoken ahead of the game of how much he wanted this title.  How much he wanted to return to his club, to face the challenge of the English Premier League with his club and to face it within the confines of Financial Fair Play.  He's clearly quite pleased, despite appearing a bit somber in the post-match interviews.  His father's health issues no doubt have something to do with that -- Mourinho had apparently been commuting to Portugal frequently over the past week or so.

But now that this one's in the bag, attentions already turn to the next one.

"I will try (for) another one. I will try always. The day I don't feel that passion to try to do it again, that's enough. I don't feel that day is arriving."

"When you work so hard and you are champions you feel that you got what you deserve. That good feeling. For me, maybe (a) special feeling, because I'm not the smartest guy to choose countries and clubs. I could choose another club in another country where to be champion is easier. I choose the most difficult league in Europe."

"I risk. I'm so, so happy, because I won another Premier League title, 10 years, or eight or nine years later, in my second spell."

-Jose Mourinho; source: BT Sport

The caravan rolls on.  The dogs will continue to bark.


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