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Eden Hazard describes his Premier League-winning goal

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

Just one goal was all Chelsea needed to confirm our fifth Premier League title.

Just one word was all Eden Hazard needed to describe his Premier League-winning goal.

Hazard lost his perfect Premier League record of penalties.  He had scored all 9 previously, but on this one, he was outfoxed by Julian Speroni, who faked one way and then basically stood still.  Hazard hit it almost straight at him.  But Speroni's rebound control was poor and the bouncing ball was headed into the corner by the Premier League's Player of the Year.  Headers are hardly Hazard's forte, but that about the third he's scored this season already!

He may have gotten lucky on the goal, but he's been consistently excellent all season.  You make your own luck, right?