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Doing it a 'different' way: Mourinho hints at a couple summer signings for Chelsea

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Double, double, double ... Chelsea have all but won a double this season, adding a Premier League title to the already collected League Cup trophy.  Despite the disappointing, quick exit from the Champions League and the shocking exit from the FA Cup, it's been a rather successful season in the SW6.  But we're Chelsea and this is Mourinho, and we're not about to sit on our hands this summer, content with our squad and our accomplishments.

"We need a couple of players to give more strength and depth to the squad. We want to keep the same number of players and have a more uniform group in terms of not quality but experience, to give us that little bit of extra in case we progress in the Champions League."

-Jose Mourinho; source: ESPN

Last summer we focused on fixing the forward line and adding a controller to the midfield.  I think we can safely say that we did an excellent job there.  Our first-choice eleven has basically been all-conquering.  But we knew that we lacked a bit of depth, and it sounds like that's what we will be focusing on this summer.  That being said, the solutions may not look that different — depth that provides too much of a drop-off in quality would leave us in a similar situation as today.  Our midfield still looks fairly unconvincing beyond Matic and Fabregas and the forward line has had a relatively rough time with injuries.

It is the latter that Mourinho has hinted at specifically.

"The group of the strikers did very well for us, but I just imagine that it is something we can do in a different way."

"I just imagine this last period of the season only with one striker. Imagine in this moment if we have only had Didier to play Champions League, Premier League, Champions League, Premier League. It would be a difficult situation. We were unlucky to have two strikers injured at the same time. When you have three, one can be injured or suspended, but when you have two out it can be difficult."

-Jose Mourinho; source: ESPN

Assuming we can fix Diego Costa properly this time, this ties in nicely with the recent Lacazette rumblings.  Although he may lack the "experience" that Mourinho's supposedly looking for.  Drogba obviously has the experience (if perhaps not the quality anymore), but his (playing) future is completely up in the air.  The likes of Bamford or Solanke may have the quality, but obviously lack experience.  I'm not sure where all that leaves us, but we should be expecting a few changes one way or another.

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