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Player Ratings: Eden Hazard signs off for the season with a Man of the Match performance

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Minutes played90
Fouls drawn3
The ratings might be slightly inflated due to the trophy celebrations and general end-of-season champions euphoria (even Andreas Christensen got an 8.0), but Hazard's 9.3 may have been a 9.3 even if that were not the case.  He was still on vacation in the first half, but remembered where he was once the second half started and from that point on, Sunderland had no chance.

The official stat line might only say 1 assist, and he didn't even get to take the penalty since he had been taken off that duty ahead of the game — temporarily, of course, to allow Drogba to take one if possible; though that chance went to Diego Costa instead — but he was at the heart of every dangerous Chelsea move, of which there were many in the second half.

And so the season draws to a close with a most appropriate Man of the Match, who has been the runaway leader in your player ratings for some time.  We'll have a Player of the Season rundown later this week, even though the winner's been spoiled a long time ago already.

2. WILLIAN - AM 9.3
Minutes played90
Most improved player?  It's got to be Willian, right?  Easily the second name of the teamsheet in attack after Eden Hazard in the second half of the season.

His raw goals and assists numbers aren't eye-catching — they never have been, in fairness, even when he was the main man at Shakhtar Donetsk — but his contributions go far beyond just two aspects of the game.

3. LOÏC RÉMY - AM/F 9.2
Minutes played48
Rémy saved his best for last well, scoring both second half goals to ensure that we finished the season on a winning note.  In limited appearances, he's still managed 9 goals on the season, averaging one for every 90 minutes played, basically.  What more could you ask for from a backup?

It's not for certain that Rémy will stay beyond this one season, but if he does, we should be set at striker with Diego, Rémy, and a youngster (say, Bamford?) or another seasoned veteran like Drogba.

Čech (8.8), Azpilicueta (8.4), Terry (8.4), Cahill (8.3), Ivanović (8.2), Matić (8.6), Mikel (8.1), Cuadrado (8.3), Drogba (8.4)

Costa (8.3), Rémy (9.2), Christensen (8.0)


2014/15 Player Ratings - Sunderland H

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