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Drogba: I'm moving on again

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Saying goodbye once was strange enough. Twice is something else entirely. But that's exactly what we'll be doing with Didier Drogba today -- just as raising the Champions League trophy in Munich was his last act during his first spell as a Chelsea player, the Premier League title celebrations will represent the ending of part two:

I want to play for at least one more season and in order to play more football I feel I need to go to another club. All the fans know my love for Chelsea and I hope to be back here in the future in another role.


Drogba's second coming hasn't been quite as spectacular as his first, but as a third striker he's certainly done well enough, working hard when called upon and chipping in with a goal or two on top of that. That he's transitioned so gracefully to a bench role is a tribute to his professionalism, and I think few of us can grudge him looking for some more playing time before he hangs up his boots.

You're always welcome back, Didier. In pretty much whatever role you like.

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